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BizRecycle – Prototipe Aplikasi Jual-Beli Limbah Untuk Memajukan Ekonomi Sirkular Bagi Masyarakat, Bisnis Kecil, Perusahaan, dan Produsen

BizRecycle – Waste trading app bringing circular economy to communities and small businesses

Created by: GeoYouth Team from SMAN 1 Manonjaya
Dibuat oleh: Tim GeoYouth SMAN 1 Manonjaya

Abstract (Abstrak)

BizRecycle is a prototype of a mobile app to connect communities, small businesses, enterprises, and manufacturers to trade their unused waste with one another without any hassle.

BizRecycle adalah sebuah prototipe aplikasi yang menghubungkan komunitas, bisnis kecil, perusahaan, dan para produsen untuk saling bertukar dan menjual-beli limbah tanpa repot.

We encourage small businesses and enterprise start-ups to start planning their goals toward a sustainable circular economy by reducing the amount of waste disposed of during the production process. Thus it can be achieved by using a product waste as the material to produce another product.

Kami mendukung bisnis kecil dan perusahaan baru untuk mulai merencanakan sebuah tujuan terhadap ekonomi sirkular dan berkelanjutan dengan cara menggunakan limbah sebagai bahan produksi utama.

Prototype Demo

Our app prototype has a log-in page for those who have an account and a registration page for those who don’t have an account. On the homepage, we have features like: withdraw, donate, search, and waste market. You can also choose what type of waste you want to sell. Users can sell their waste into points that can be traded with money or credit.


The goal of this project is to reduce the excessive use of both renewable and non-renewable natural resources for the sole reason of production. We aim to provide the ability for communities in every part of the world to get in touch with manufacturers that are in need of scrap to practice the circular ecosystem of production, thus encouraging them to plan a circular economy by extending their value chains. Therefore solving both problems of the project’s track.

Our main idea is to provide a way for everyone to market their unused waste for manufacturers, enterprises, and small businesses to buy and use the waste to create a clean and waste-free closed chain production. As well as connecting communities around the world to collaborate and contribute in bringing the circular economy closer to reality.


Problems of the currently on-going and most popular linear economy which caused other problems such as climate change, global warming, and greenhouse effect, have been around for decades. Scientific data by UNEP and IRP mentioned that in 2015, we’ve been extracting a staggering amount of 90 billion tonnes of natural resources per year.

These problems inspired us to create this innovation. To ensure a sustainable economy while maintaining a healthy global ecosystem.


Disasters caused by the exploitation of natural resources inspired us to create
this innovation. At first, we thought of finding a way for people to stop using
natural resources excessively without any concerns for the sustainability of the
nature itself. Thus it can be achieved by creating a way for people to trade their
waste to be used as the material needed for productions. This method will also
help the economy to stand out and transform into a circular economy, by reducing
the waste disposed during the end-of-cycle of the products.

We are aware that the Earth is calling humanity for help. We have seen a lot of disasters and calamities caused by humanity, ourselves. That is why we need to move onto a greener and environment-friendly way to continue living, that is without exploiting mother nature itself.

We do hope that our innovation will help the economies around the world eventually transform into a circular and sustainable way without further exploiting natural resources.

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Madingmu adalah portal digital ajang kreasi dan edukasi anak muda Indonesia. Dibangun oleh PT Madingmu Sukses Bersama sebagai inisiasi kolaborasi dalam mencerdaskan kehidupan bangsa.